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Gulet Charter in Lefkas - Discover Ionian Sea Islands

Gulet charter and pets

Taking a Pet on a Charter Gulet

Taking a pet, most commonly a dog on a charter gulet is very common. You need to have several things in mind: be sure to have proper documentation for your pet, your pet should be microchipped and timely vaccinated and you should check quarantine laws of Greece and other countries you plan to visit. If you are taking your pet sailing for the first time, it may be scared and can panic. Pets can also get sunburnt so take a pet-friendly sunscreen and make sure there is enough shade and water. Also, get sea-sickness medication for your pet - you should consult your vet. Pets aboard charter yacht do not have many options when toilet training comes to question - get a piece of Astro Turf or a cat litter box.

Culinary experience on Lefkas charter gulet

What Will You Eat on a Charter Gulet in Lefkas Area?

The day on a gulet begins with traditional Greek breakfast - milk, bread, butter and honey or yoghurt. You may also choose between Greek coffee or Frappé coffee. For lunch, you can expect mezes, served with wine or various liqueurs. Dips are served with bread loaf or pita bread. Souvlaki, gyros, pita such (tyropita and spanakopita) will accompany the afternoon tea. The dinner could include grilled fish and various meats, including poultry, rabbit and pork made with olive oil and plenty of different spices and herbs, as well as olives, cheese, eggplant, zucchini, and yoghurt. On the gulet, you can try best Greek wines such as  muscats, mavrodafni and Vin Santo of Santorini.

More on gulet charter

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