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Sailing Yacht Charter Lefkas - Have Fun Sailing in Lefkas Area

Day on a charter sailing yacht

Your Typical Day on a Charter Sailing Yacht in Lefkas

You usually start your day with a coffee, and wait until the crew prepares Mediterranean breakfast for everybody, after which you can rest in shade or go swimming, snorkeling or even fishing. You can also sail away for another island or some lovely coastal town in Lefkas region. The best place to have lunch is the deck of your sailing yacht anchored in some nice marina or a quiet cove. After lunch, you can sunbathe, relax in the shade, swim, enjoy a cocktail, etc. When the evening comes, you can anchor in a marina and disembark to explore some coastal town or enjoy nightlife. You can also do some shopping or try local specialties in a nearby restaurant.


Bavaria sailing yacht brand

Most Popular Lefkas Sailing Yacht Brands

The most popular brands of the Sailing Yachts in Lefkas area are Beneteau, Bavaria, Hanse and Jeanneau.

Beneteau - French builder, the most popular models are Beneteau Cyclades 50.5 and Beneteau Oceanis 50 Family.

Bavaria - very popular German builder famous for their elegant and modern, high class cruiser and sports models, the most popular ones being Bavaria 36 and 40 Cruiser and Bavaria 27 and 28 Sport.

Hanse - has become a very popular yacht name. The most popular models include Hanse 445 and 495.

Jeanneau - French builder offering luxurious sailboat lines famous for their elegance and comfort, such as Sun Fast and Sun Odyssey (lines DS  and "i").

More on charter sailing yachts

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