Ionian Island has many beautiful and hidden beaches...

...coves and bays...

...that are just waiting to be explored...

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Sailing Vacation on Ionian Islands


Kefalonia is the largest of the Ionian Islands in western Greece, and an ideal destination for all of those yachtsmen who love peace and quiet, and a chance to get away from crowds and simply enjoy the scenery and unspoiled nature. The island is so big it is possible to find a beautiful places where you are unlikely to meet a soul for days. With a rugged limestone landscape, and ten peaks topping 5,000 feet, the island holds many interesting places to visit. Beautiful golden beaches, lofty mountains providing the scenic backdrop to hundreds of secluded white coves, the cave of St. Gerassimos, the Cave of Drongorati, the underground lake at Mellisani, the limestone rocks that result in a remarkable caves and caverns, strange cliffs and timeless villages.


Zakynthos is a Greek island in the Ionian Sea, and the third largest of the Ionian Islands. It is a verdant island endowed with fertile valleys and a temperate climate. In a yachting world, Zakynthos is known for its sandy beaches in secluded coves where the tranquil waters are deep blue, as well as for the rugged cliffs and an interesting underwater world. In other words, Zakynthos is a dream destination for every yachtsmen. The most famous beach is called Navagio, and besides the islands natural beauties, tourists can also visit Solomos Square, the Post- Byzantine Museum of Zante, the Aghios Markos square, the Venetian Castle situated on a hill overhanging the town in the place of the old acropolis named Psofis, and some of the most unique looking churches in Greece.

Sailing the Ionian Islands

Lefkada (Lefkas) is and island in the Ionian Sea connected by a causeway and bridge to the mainland Greece. This makes it an excellent starting point for sailing tours around the Ionian Sea and its Seven Islands, called the Heptanese.


Kerkyra (Corfu) is the second largest island in the Ionian Sea. During the rule of the Ottoman Empire, it presented a bulwark of the European countries and prevented the Ottomans from entering the Adriatic. Nowadays, the city’s old center was designated for the UNESCO World Heritage List. The island is a popular tourist destination all over the year, so be sure to visit it on your sailing trip.


The smallest group of the Ionian islands is Paxi. It is said that Poseidon made it by striking Corfu with its trident when he and his wife Amphitrite wanted some peace and quiet.


Ithaca is one of the most famous islands in the Greek mythology. It was the home of Odysseus, the main character of Homer’s Odyssey. Modern Ithaca is a mixture of the Mediterranean and Greek cultures, making it the perfect place for a relaxing holiday.


Cephalonia (Kefalonia) is the largest Ionian island. The island is a place to visit for those of you who love nature because it has a rich biodiversity. It is famous for its Myrtos Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece.


The liveliest of the Ionian islands is Zakynthos. Over the summer, the island becomes one of the most vibrant places in Greece, thanks to its excellent nightlife. If you want to have a great time partying with other people, be sure to visit Zakynthos.


Although it is situated farther on the south, Kythira is considered the seventh of the Ionian islands. Many beaches can be accessed solely, which means that the island is the perfect destination for those of you looking for private beaches. Like all the other Ionian islands, Kythira is definitely a place to visit.