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Popular sailing destinations in Corfu

Corfu town

The old town of Corfu has rich multi-cultural heritage, historic monuments and gorgeous landscape. Strolling through the narrow streets of Corfu will make you feel as if you travelled to Naples. Spianada in Corfu is the largest square in the Balkans where you can watch cricket games or attend musical concerts. Liston is the city’s trademark, where the aristocrats used to enjoy their evening strolls after stopping at one of the town’s cafes for a cup of coffee. The city has many fascinating museums and sites worth visiting. The most popular attraction in Corfu is the Achillion palace or Mon Repos. It was built by Empress of Austria Elisabeth of Bavaria. Built among many cypresses, the palace was dedicated to Achilles. She believed that he was the soul and fairness of Greece.


Palaiokastritsa is one of the most picture perfect villages in Corfu, located on the northwest coast. Its name literally means old fortress. On a hillside lies the 12th century monastery of Theotokos. The monastery hosts holy relics, an interesting collection of post Byzantine icons and books. In Palaiokastritsa you will find beautiful beaches scattered around, each one with its own charm, surrounded by olive groves and citrus orchards. The main beach is long and sandy, located under the monastery. The one close to the port is very popular during the summer. Other beaches are accessible only by sea. Palaiokastritsa is well known for the extremely cold waters and breathtaking underwater world. The whole area is memorable for the exceptional scenery.

Sailing Corfu

Corfu is an island situated in the Ionian Sea, off the western coast of Greece. It is one of the seven Ionian islands. The name of the island comes from the Byzantine word which means “city of peaks”, but not the entire island is covered in hills and rocks. The island is a popular tourist destination all year round. To find out why, charter a yacht and discover all Corfu’s secrets. The most interesting place on the island is definitely the island’s capital, also called Corfu.


The town of Corfu was an important strategic point in the past, and its rich history has secured it a place on the UNESCO World Heritage List. South of the island is and international airport, which means that it is easy to arrive to the island. The city of Corfu is set in the middle part of the island, on its eastern shores. This makes it an excellent starting point for the journey around the island, whether by boat, or by vehicle.


Corfu offers a lot for tourists. It has a Mediterranean climate. That is why it is a perfect place to visit over the summer, but its mild temperatures make it a pleasant destination all year long.


The town of Corfu is characterized by narrow streets paved with cobblestones with picturesque and colorful houses on each side. Such streets are called kantounia. Even though entire streets were destroyed during World War II, the town was rebuilt and still has many old houses which make it an authentic place worth discovering.


A beautiful promenade called Liston is an example of architecture from Napoleonic period and the design was inspired by streets in Paris. There are many elegant cafes and restaurants on the liston. The promenade borders a park which holds a cricket pitch.


After you have relaxed and enjoyed the town of Corfu, be sure to sail around the entire island, a truly magical and beautiful place!